sorry about the blood in your mouth.
i wish it was mine.

She has completely turned my life around, changed everything. But for the record, over the last few years, there are two people who’ve done that and the other one is… a complete dickhead!

Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game teaser trailer (x)


When John tries to propose to Mary she makes fun of him because he’s obviously fucking it up but in the wagon scene when John tries to forgive Sherlock which is so so hard for him Sherlock doesn’t laugh, he says “I know” because he knows John and this is difficult for John, he just stays there, quiet, he listens, he’s waiting. 

  1. Tarmac scene
  2. Mycroft: Sherlock no
  3. Sherlock: Sherlock yes
  4. Sherlock: Actually you're right, Sherlock no
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